Welcoming Ed to Fieldwork

We welcome Ed to Fieldwork this week in the role of front-end developer. He’s a talented, investigative, problem solving type – just the sort we were hoping to find – and we’re lucky to have him.

A couple of weeks ago, I’d posted about a little tool we built during a project we’ve been working on. Ed spotted a mistake in the code, corrected it, and submitted his correction as a pull request on Github.

We were impressed. Not only did it demonstrate Ed’s ability to quickly get the bottom of a problem, it showed his willingness to contribute and connect with us to help improve something.

We found Ed’s website via his Github account, checked out some of the experiments and tools he’s built, and got in touch about the possibility of him spending a few days freelancing with us in the studio at Fieldwork HQ. He did, and at the end of last week we offered him a full-time role.

The lesson for us here is that writing about and demonstrating what we’re doing as we work, naturally connects us with talented and friendly people – the kind we want to work with. And that’s going to be a major factor in the ongoing success of Fieldwork.

You can say hi to Ed on the Twitters.