Things We Found No. 8

Monday Motivation!

The Golf City Bike

We came across VolBi bike creations sometime ago, it’s been stored away in the TWF folder for a while now! These beautifully recovered bikes have been sourced form all over the world: English, Italian, French, German, American and Chile.

They’ve been brought back to life to recover their original spirit… Many handmade and unique detailed finishes, from vibrant colour cables to leather upholstered sits, giving them a whole new lease of life. The Golf City Bike is just one that showcases the combination of classic meets modern, you can view the collection here.

Yoga Joes
Tummy Rumbling Amplification
Soap Co.

Yoga Joes

Designer Dan Aramson Yoga Joes project began on Kickstarter, based on the iconic American figurines. They are most noticeably known for representing military action, poising with riffles and ready for violence. They bring a whole new concept to these war time figurines, taking an inventive approach to such a iconic toy, practicing peace not war through yoga poses.

Kellogg’s Making Breakfast Time Fun

Dominic Wilcox designs ‘Brek Tech’ for Kellogg’s, creating breakfast time to be more fun and interesting for families and children. Over the course of 10 weeks he designed 7 inventions and prototypes including a head worn cereal serving device and a snap crackle and pop amplifier. One of his playful inventions is the wearable Tummy Rumbling Amplification Device that can amplify the sound of your hungry tummy far and wide, using an embedded microphone and a speaker incased in big orange horn. Another invention is the Robowl, a personal flying assistant called by making a selection on your watch. The Robowl can bring you cereal and any other objects you may need for your morning routines.

Soap Co.

The Soap Co. is a UK based social enterprise who do great things! They provided employment to people who are blind or otherwise disabled or disadvantaged, who make up 70% of their team. They manufacturer luxury handmade soaps, hand washes and hand lotion. Their products are package in a lovely new simplistic design, by Paul Belford and all profits made go back into the business to create and fund further job opportunities. It’s great to see a company making a positive social impact!