Make Work

As we wrap up a huge project, which has absorbed the whole studio for the last few months, we have the first chance in what feels like a long time to take stock and think about the future.

We’ve always skirted around questions about who our ideal clients are, because we find them too difficult to answer. We don’t have a wish-list of brands, organisations or sectors, and we struggle to think in those terms.

We want to work with organisations who value design, and on projects that require good visual and UX design to succeed. The bar is being raised all the time, and the quality of design is improving for digital products but the push for the ultimate minimum-viable-product means that important details are often overlooked. We like the MVP model, but we want to work on the projects where attention to detail is an essential part of the MVP spec.

We’re interested in exploring ways to use technology to solve problems and provide insightful tools. We want to understand how physical and digital worlds connect to form systems, and what can be done with the capture, analysis and visualisation of data. We want to know how people interact with these systems through computers, watches, phones, beacons, tablets, and anything else.

We want to be challenged to innovate and have creative ideas, combining our skills in design and technology to invent new things.

And, ultimately, we want to feel the simple thrill of making things and bringing ideas to life.

Having recently tried and failed at a more traditional business development approach — with all of the uncomfortable meetings and pitches to rooms full of suits that entails — we’ve decided to return to our time-tested method: we make the work. We make things without being asked, knowing that someone will come along, often inspired by our work, with a great idea they’d like us to help them with. And they always do.

The image above is a crop of, “Berry Hard Work,” which is copyright (c) JD Hancock and made available under a CC Attribution 2.0 Generic license