Field Trip

Fieldwork Get Leathered

We’ve had a busy few months at Fieldwork HQ and after wrapping up a large project, the studio had chance to turn off the lights, down our mice and go on a field trip!

A few of us in the studio are keen admirers of leathercraft, and we were fortunate enough to spend the day at Diamond AWL Leather Workshop on the edge of the Pennines, alongside the talented Jason Stocks-Young, a man who knows his craft. Jason runs the leather-making workshops, and is the founder of JS-Y Leatherworks collaborating with the likes of Universal Works and most recently Savills Barbers.

Diamond AWL Workshop

The whole team spent the day at Jason’s studio in Woodend Mill, an old cotton mill nestled at the bottom of the valley. The studio space was warm and welcoming, full of eclectic artefacts, old machinery and an array of handmade leather goodness!

We started off with an introduction to leather and leathercraft, then it was time to put our skills to the test, from pattern cutting to saddle stitching, all completed by hand — a craft to be appreciated! The whole process was insightful and inspiring. Jason was a great tutor, always on hand to help, and had a constant flow of tea, coffee and sweet treats to feast on.

Once the finishing techniques were applied to the waxy brown leather, we each managed to produce a lovely quality leather journal holder for a Field Notes notepad.

A great day had by all of us at Fieldwork. Think we were all pretty chuffed with what we achieved in a day, so much so that some of us are going back. We’ll keep you posted!