Things We Found No.12

April is in full swing and the sun is beaming, hallelujah! To top it off here’s Issue 12 of Things We Found.

We’re kicking things off this week with the talented folks at Animade, they recently posted an interesting article about cultivating innovation in the workplace and how important it is. It’s something that we dedicate time to here at FW, and plays a huge part of our development as a studio.

Headspace Pod

Mindfulness is a growing in popularity. As society becomes more demanding work and life seem to merge into one, and for some this can be over whelming at times, without space to process. Headspace is your very own personal trainer, here to help you train your mind. Although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it helps to focus your outlook on life. The user interface is on point, bright, friendly and easy to use. I think this is one of the reasons why the app has become so successful, not to mention the monk mastermind behind it!


Hands-on coding at your fingertips. This playful Kickstarter takes literacy into the 21st century. Innovating the way children learn, create and develop their skills within the educational system and beyond!

We love it, it’s super fun, creative and engaging. Powered by a tangible programming language, this smiling wooden robot is capable of motoring his way through a collection of adventures, you can find him here.