The Lunch Club

Here at FW it’s safe to say we all love our food (probably a bit too much!) so we decided to start our own studio lunch club. Every other week we find somewhere new to eat, in and around Manchester and then rate them on our very own lunch club site!

The site is designed around very important criteria that we see as being crucial to a good lunch club venue (meatiness & cheesiness levels for example). We fill in our in-depth reviews using Manuel, the Lunch Club general manager.

Manuel is our very own Slack Bot, built using BotKit from the lovely guys at Howdy. He makes it easy for us to post updates to the site using a conversational interface (we talk to him). Just drop a mention to @manuel and tell him what you had for lunch.

Manuel SlackBot

Here’s a brief summary of some of the LC places we’ve visited…


The bright and welcoming atmosphere of the place first sparks your interest as well as the promising menu. My go-to dishes at the moment are the sweet corn fritter and the unmissable grilled aubergine with its coriander yoghurt.

Both small plates, simple and light but which perfectly manage the balance between healthiness and flavour without being boring. It’s certainly one of my new favourite spots in the city centre, being a strong alternative to burgers and burritos.

Extra tip: if on a booze less lunch, absolutely go for their Brazilian lemonade.

Tariff & Dale

Great pizza in a basement.

Alabama’s All American Eatery

We found this place after posting a shout out for recommendations on our Instagram page. After being warmly greeted we were shown to a table near the window which had a great view of Newton Street, where we enjoyed people watching whilst we waited for our food. At first the menu looked quite short but after reading it through twice I had trouble deciding what I wanted. I went for the classic fry up which included pancakes, bacon, sausage and fries, which to my excitement weren’t fries…they were ROAST POTATOES!


Koffee Pot

Breakfasts for hangovers and/or Mondays.


I discovered Wahaca in London a few years ago so when I found out it was coming to the Corn Exchange in Manchester I was very excited. I would recommend going for the Mexican tapas style street food menu as there is a great variety of dishes ranging from plantain tacos to black bean quesadillas. Everything is freshly made and they use seasonal ingredients. Winning!