Things We Found No.13


108 is a minimal beat machine for the web by Martin Wecke. Studio productivity at Fieldwork dropped by about 20% for the couple of days after someone posted it in our TWF Slack channel.

Coffee Shop North

A book about independent coffee shops in the north of England. Some great Manchester spots in here. Find out more or grab a copy on the website.

Playtype Prints

Yellow Banana Split
Lots of lovely type posters on the online shop for Copenhagen based type foundry, Playtype. You’ll find them here.

How to Make a Tennis Ball

Watch this mesmerising short film about the making of tennis balls by Benedict Redgrove at the Wilson factory.

Super 8 by Uniform

Super 8 for the Liverpool Echo
A (slighly) older one, but we love explorations like this. Super 8 by Uniform is a project for the Liverpool Echo newspaper, which allows users to clip a device to a specific page in the newspaper and hear audio clips related to the story.