Things We Found No.14

Weapons of Reason

Human After All’s four-year publishing project, Weapons of Reason, is a free magazine that raises awareness and highlights insights around some of the biggest issues facing the world today. Issue three is available now. It’s free to pick up or you can support the project by buying a copy online.

The Scran Line

Nick Makrides is what happens when you roll a graphic designer and a pastry chef into one person. Have a look at his mouthwatering Instagram account.


Blockdust is a music making web application. A collaboration between Luke Twyman, Luke Phillips and Edward Silverton, it uses the web audio API to generate music in the browser.


It might take the postman a little while to get used to this one. Ding is a doorbell that you can answer from anywhere in the world — use the mobile app to speak to whoever is at your door, no matter where you are.