Helping young people develop and evidence employability skills through social action projects.

  • Product discovery
  • Research
  • UX
  • Branding
  • UI design
  • Development

Catch-22 came to us with an idea for a digital tool that would involve more young people with social action projects, helping them gain and evidence skills for employment at the same time.

We collaborated with a team from Catch-22 and groups of Young Advisors on a series of workshops to define key design objectives, user motivations, and product features. Then designed and developed version one of the application using an iterative and agile process.

Using the first version of Plan.Do, young people can create and manage social action projects using collaborative task lists and communication tools. They can evidence their good work by uploading photos and building an archive of project activity, and can gain skills badges within the application.

As a finalist in the Google Global Impact Awards, Plan.Do won £200,000 to continue development of the project.

Pland.Do project dashboard on an iPad
Yellow index cards with application features written on them, scattered on a giant venn diagram drawn onto wooden floor boards
A visual facilitator illustrates events during a workshop
Young Advisors discuss some of the brands they connect with
Sketching some user interface ideas using paper iPhone templates
User dashboard and a task list shown on iPhones Project dashboard in a web browser Someone holding an iPhone over a desk, using a Plan.Do dashboard screen Plan.Do activity feed on an iPad