Catch22 asked us to help transition an existing digital product into a new model, refocusing its purpose through an iterative, agile process covering product strategy, user experience, user interface design and web application development.

Propeller shown on a collection of mobile devices

Starting a Journey

We had worked with Catch22 to build Plan.Do, a web app that helped young people manage volunteering projects. The project won Google funding and we were asked to help move it into the next phase.

Working alongside a new product manager, we embarked on a journey that would completely reimagine the application, assessing its value within the organisation, its target users, and eventually rebranding it with a new name and visual identity.

Young people sketching ideas onto large peices of paper on the floor
Drawing wireframes to test ideas for the Propeller user interface

Learn, Adapt, Make, Repeat

We worked in two-week cycles, adapting quickly and focusing on features designed to test our assumptions about users. Each cycle was an opportunity to interview existing and potential users, and adapt our focus according to findings. We prioritised the implementation of features that would help us answer questions about the product’s real value.

User testing sessions at key stages allowed us to assess our progress and raise usability issues. Testing with real users, on a variety of devices and in a range of scenarios gave the project team strong insights and direction for user experience design.

Propeller is now completely focussed on a single purpose: to help young people find employment by providing them with a process for turning experiences into talking points they can use at job interviews.

New Product, New Identity

A radically different product meant rethinking the name and visual identity. After workshopping a new name, we rebranded from Plan.Do to Propeller. The new logo and colour palette were designed to sit well within the existing user interface, and the identity is colourful and optimistic, subtly implying motion and progress.

Girl looking downwards
Propeller brand ideas
Propeller on a mobile phone