It isn’t always easy to strike a good work/life balance. Towards the end of a busy 2015 we realised we’d been missing out on local events. Manchester has plenty of meetups, workshops, exhibitions and gigs, and we hadn’t been making the most of our city.

`See+Do website on a collection of iPads and iPhones

Remove the Clutter

We need to be prompted to search out local events, a place to list them, and a plan to attend them. Initially, we thought about using an internal online chat to list local goings-on. This would have worked well enough as a listing for the Fieldwork team, but it probably wouldn’t have motivated us to regularly research and find out what’s on.

See+Do is a simple list of upcoming events. It’s a public website, so we’re motivated to keep the content fresh, which pushes us to pro-actively find interesting things that are happening around town. It doesn’t help us plan to attend events, but we might address that in a future iteration.

The design is stripped-back and simple, with a single purpose. We want See+Do to feel refreshing and easy to use when compared to the cluttered layouts of the event guides we encountered during our research.

Animated title from the See+Do website
See+Do website on a mobile device
The See+Do emojis animating

Realising Small Ideas

We’re making a concerted effort to quickly and iteratively implement small ideas like See+Do. From concept to launch in just a few days, this is a work in progress and a little rough around the edges, but working in this way prevents the loss of momentum that causes so many self-initiated projects to die before they see the light of day.


Selection of See+Do emojis