Sustrans Travel Challenges

A flexible digital platform for running multiple travel challenges with partner organisations.

  • Product discovery
  • Research
  • UX
  • UI design
  • Development

Sustrans needed a platform to run sustainable travel challenge events, allowing participants to log journeys, track progress, set targets, earn rewards and compete against each other. It needed to handle multiple editions of these events, each with their own website, and often running alongside each other. Because they work with various partner organisations to run challenge events, the web-based tool had to be quick and simple for administrators to configure, and flexible with features and co-branding.

We designed and built an extensive and flexible platform allowing the challenge team to quickly create challenge websites, and customise everything from the branding, to the metrics on the home page, to the leaderboards and ranking system.

Since launching version 1.0 of the application in mid-2012, it has had 31,041 participants making 363,108 sustainable travel journeys, saving 276,352kg of CO2 and burning 67,471,100 calories. The platform also provides Sustrans with fine-grained data export options which they use to integrate with their internal research and monitoring systems.

Virtual Journey illustration by Neil Stevens