Fieldwork is a design and technology studio. We build brands, digital products and services centred around the people who use them.

We help our clients to be useful and playful, evolve quickly, talk less and do more.

We get tangible things in front of key people—users, product owners, stakeholders—early in the design process, and we iterate quickly. This helps our clients reduce risk, adjust course often, and foster a culture of consistent evolution.

Our Values

  1. Keep it simple, do it well
  2. Be better, not bigger
  3. Always be tinkering
  4. Be adventurous
  5. Be open, share ideas and resources
  6. Make friends and collaborate
  7. Iterate
  8. Make stuff to change the world (even just a little bit)
Loz Ives

Loz Ives

Designs the things

Andy Gott

Andy Gott

Builds the things

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