Carbon Co-op

We worked with Carbon Co-op to design a core brand, which we developed across a range of different outputs such as print, stationery and exhibition graphics. Illustrations by Charlotte Trounce and bespoke iconography add extra depth and versatility to the identity.

A community focussed website helps the organisation develop their membership model, offering member’s only content, community features and a platform for communicating news and events.

With a steadily increasing membership, Carbon Co-op are attracting new funding through their innovative uses of technology, including energy monitoring hardware. We’re currently working with them to integrate various technologies into a web based platform for members.

Carbon Co-op website

Carbon Coop branding applied to various stationery — letter heads, booklets, business cards, etc.
Illustrated scene looking in through the window of a house, as part of the branding for Carbon Coop.
Custom icons for Carbon Coop branding.
Carbon Coop business cards using custom icons.
Carbon Coop branding used on an A5 foldout.
Hands hole open a Carbon Coop booklet, showing type layout and illustrative branding style.
Illustrated business card for Carbon Coop.
The Carbon Coop website shown on two iPhone screens.
The Carbon Coop website shown in a desktop browser.