Community Shares Company

The Community Shares Company help groups raise money through community share offers, creating enterprises that are community owned and based on cooperation instead of quick returns. They need to walk the line between reassuring professionalism, and being a friendly, energetic organisation that puts communities first.

We produced a brand identity system, establishing a colourful palette and a collection of geometric shapes that can be arranged into various configurations to be applied to a wide array of applications such as icons, posters, report graphics and website.

Various combinations of patterns demonstrating the flexibility of the branding system for Community Shares.
Community Shares geometric branding system, used across printed stationery.
Geometric branding system for Community Shares used on their business card.
A geometric pattern formed using the flexible branding system we designed for Community Shares.
Custom icons for Community Shares, composed using various pattern designs.
Community Shares printed report covers designed using our pattern based design system.

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