Global Generation

Global Generation are hands-on types. They run workshops for young people where they dig, plant, grow vegetables, and make things. This provided us with plenty to work with when we worked on their new brand identity.

We kicked off this branding project with a one-day workshop attended by the Global Generation team, some of the young people they work with, and Fieldwork. Led by one of our regular collaborators, Mark Shayler of Ape, we spent time uncovering the identity of the organisation and learning about their core purpose.

Global Generation logotype, white on orange.
Logo marque for the Global Generation branding.
Custom icons for the Global Generation branding.
Logo and icon concept for the Global Generation branding.

We developed a few initial, exploratory ideas for the visual identity, which we iteratively narrowed down and developed into a custom stencil typeface that the team can use to create their own signage and print materials, in true hands-on Global Generation style. We also developed bespoke iconography to provide additional tools for them to use in their communications.

Global Generation branding used on their business cards.
Global Generation brand photography showing a man harvesting vegetables from their inner city site.
Brand photography for Global Generation, showing someone holding a bowl of freshly picked vegetables.
Abstract illustrated bee for the Global Generation branding.

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