Passion Fruit Coffee

Manchester based coffee roaster, Passion Fruit, had an existing logo marque but needed help to visually define their brand. We took their logo and refined it into something that feels more balanced, works better at various sizes, and works visually in different contexts.

Expanding on the logo, we designed a vibrant visual system for the brand to use across their packaging, stationary, social media platforms, and merchandise like tote bags and coffee cups. 

Passion Fruit branding design system components — patterned background, logo marque and type.
Scattered coffee pack label cards for Passion Fruit.
Passion Fruit packaging using the branding system we designed. White elastic bands are used to attach labels to to the coffee packs.
Passion Fruit branding design system used to label a pack of coffee beans.
A collection of Passion Fruit labels for use on packs of coffee beans.
Passion Fruit logo on a ceramic coffee cup.
Passion Fruit branding system used on a paper coffee cup.
Passion Fruit branding applied to a tote bag.