Penguin Pride

Publisher, Penguin Random House, needed a striking, fun visual identity in order to make an impact at the Pride festival. A flexible and vibrant visual theme allowed them to produce bookmarks, stickers, badges and temporary tattoos to hand out as they joined in with the celebrations. 

The Penguin Pride logo.
People at the Pride festival wearing Penguin Pride branded t-shirts, waving flags and carrying posters.
Flag design for Penguin’s presence at the Pride festival.
Temporary tattoos for Penguin Pride.
Bookmarks using the brand for Penguin at the Pride festival.
Various fly posters for Penguin Pride.
Bookmark for Penguin celebrating the Pride festival.
Social media assets for Penguin Pride.
Twitter page social media assets for Penguin Pride — banner background and avatar.
Digital advertising billboard for Penguin Pride.
A Penguin Pride pin badge.
Someone wearing a Penguin Pride tee-shirt at the Manchester Pride festival.
Billboards in Manchester showcasing the Penguin Pride campaign.