Project Everyone

Project Everyone was an audacious, global campaign dreamed up by filmmaker, Richard Curtis, to spread the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development to the world’s seven billion people in just seven days.

No small feat, and the scale of the challenge was reflected in the brief: “Project Everyone aims to not simply share the SDGs but to connect all of humanity in one generation defining moment in which we all understand our fates are intertwined, interconnected, interdependent.”

Project Everyone branding system.

The word “Everyone” in the Project Everyone logo can be recreated by anyone, anywhere, whether it’s written with pen on paper, drawn in the sand, scrawled on a napkin, or formed with stones on the ground. “Project” is used as a consistent anchor point, a simple visual device for connecting many different versions of “Everyone”.

Multiple versions of the Project Everyone logo demonstrating how it uses the natural variations in personal handwriting.
Workshopping with Project Everyone — how can we let seven billion people know about the Sustainable Development Goals?
Initial concepts for the Project Everyone branding pinned to the studio walls at Fieldwork.
Re-purposing the Project Everyone logo to subdivide the campaign into themes.
The Project Everyone logo in various languages.
Project Everyone website shown in a desktop browser.
Project Everyone campaign poster concept.
Custom icons for the Project Everyone branding.

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