We sometimes get an itch to just make something. See+Do was an in-house project at Fieldwork that we launched in 2015 to scratch that itch. To start with it was a simple list of upcoming events around the city, then we added features that would allow us to invite collaborators and accommodate multiple cities.

Sadly, we didn’t have the time and resources to keep it up to date and full of content beyond the first few months, and although we had planned to build a community around it, which we hoped might keep it going and help it expand into other places, we never had the time. The story of many small, busy studios’ lives. If you fancy reviving it for Manchester or anywhere else, get in touch—we’d love to see it brought back to life.

Type based logo for the See+Do event listing website.
Stills from the randomly animated See+Do logo.
Style guide for the See+Do event listing website.
See+Do event listing website on an iPhone screen.
Collection of custom emojis for the See+Do event website.

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