Our big challenge with Ape was in pulling lots of things together under one coherent, easy to access company brand. Founder, Mark Shayler, is a whirlwind of activity, and we had to provide Ape with an identity and digital presence that would match his energy and personality, whilst being simple and understated enough to let him do the talking.

The identity we produced is clean and minimal, yet colourful and hand-drawn, hinting at Ape’s energetic personality whilst leaving room for them to communicate in their own way. Using stamps, stencils, and letterpressed cards on which Mark can hand-write his own phrases, we gave Ape everything they need to play with the identity, let it grow with them and move as they discover new territory.

Mark is great at telling his story and talking about what Ape does, so video made perfect sense as his main platform. A minimal website with simple navigation and flashes of personality create a flexible system for communicating up-to-the minute information about Ape’s services and activities.

Hand drawn Ape logo, white on green.
Initial hand drawn sketches during the Ape logo design process.
Animated GIF communicating key messaging for the Ape branding.
The journal/blog page from the Ape website, shown on an iPad.
A page from the Ape website using embedded video to communicate key messaging, shown here on an iPad.
Ape website pages shown on two iPhone screens.
Ape website navigation shown on an iPad.
Ape branding used on business cards, front side with large logo.
Ape branding used on business cards.