The Future is Make Believe

An anthology of stories written by kids, for everyone, this book celebrates the awe-inspiring stories that young children tell everyday, in a beautifully illustrated hardback.

The concept for the book came from our collaborative work with Laura Hamm, founder of Fabled, which began as a digital application where kids create and share stories, and has since developed into a movement to champion childrens’ creativity and storytelling.

This is a book of stories by kids for everyone, and we were mindful that the success of this project hinged on maintaining the simplicity and focus as we developed the concept and designed the book.

The layouts and typesetting are simple, clean and minimal, bringing the stories and illustrations to the fore. The illustrations, produced collaboratively by our co-founder, Loz Ives, and Jane Bowyer, shine a light on the stories. Unlike any other illustration brief, the subject matter was sometimes completely bonkers, and lots of fun to work with.

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