The Wild Network

The Wild Network want to reconnect kids with nature. We worked with them from the start of the project to develop the brand identity and digital platforms to help grow the movement.

We wanted to remind kids and parents how much fun it is to be outdoors and connect with nature, so we designed an identity around themes like getting muddy, climbing trees, building dens, and finding insects. Disconnection from nature is a serious issue, though, and The Wild Network brand also has to be ready to have conversations on topics like obesity and depression.

The Wild Network logo.
Collection of small illustrations for The Wild Network branding.

The Wild Network website engages a passionate community around the cause, bringing them together and turning them into participants through events and suggested ways to get outside. It also mobilises the community with campaigns, content around key issues, and ways for the community to lobby for change. This focus helped grow the membership from 10,000 to 25,000 in just a few months.

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