Brand guidelines for Fabled.


Engage your audience with a strong brand identity

Great design and thoughtful insights about your audience and vision make for an engaging brand that connects with the people you want to reach.

Be Consistent

The Fieldwork Brand process produces a strong visual identity that reflects the values and personality of your product or organisation. Based on a foundation of research and discovery, our process delivers everything you need to roll out a new brand, and an easy-to-use system that provides visual consistency whilst adapting to the needs of a changing landscape.

Be Adaptable

Things change faster than ever, and disruption is becoming commonplace. This makes the traditional role of a brand—consistency, recognition and trust—more important than ever, but it also introduces an important new facet: adaptability. Our process delivers a brand toolkit: an adaptable system that supports innovation and consistency by providing a framework for people within your organisation.

Your Brand Toolkit

We’ll provide the tools you need to roll out your brand identity now and in the future. You’ll finish the process with a new visual identity. We’ll supply a user guide for your visual identity as a brand guidelines document, an asset pack with everything you need to roll out your visual identity, and a brand toolkit with ways to adapt and use the new identity in unforeseen applications.

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