Sticking notes to the wall during a pathfinding workshop for Fabled kids’ story telling platform.


From concept to concrete next steps

Clarify and validate your ideas, and define the vision for your product or service with a user centred approach.

Clarify & Validate

At the start of a digital project, you’ve usually identified a potential opportunity and have a concept in mind. Our process helps you quickly clarify your ideas and validate the core concept so that you take away a focussed vision, clear objectives, and a solid rationale for your next steps.

Visualise & Plan

To be confident about next steps, you need to turn ideas into tangible things that make it easy to visualise the product and communicate the vision with others. We’ll help you generate ideas, visualise and assess them, then focus them into concrete next steps.

People First

Every successful digital product helps its users achieve something. With this idea at the heart of our process, we ensure that we’re building a product that meets your organisation’s objectives by putting your users first.

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